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We seek to partner with the franchising sector, a critical component of the US economy,  providing permanent capital to best-in-class operators.

Minority Investment.  Flexible.  Passive.  Permanent.


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We Help You

We work with franchise owners, like you, who have built their company, and where  your entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive your success.

We can give you access to capital to continue that growth through expansion or a series of build-outs, or a change of direction if you want to reduce equity and diversify your holdings, without the risk of additional leverage.

We can be your partner for growth, ownership simplification, estate planning, and  to achieve any other financial objective you may have.

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Discover Who
We Are

Franchise Equity Partners (FEP) was founded based upon our belief that the franchising sector is a critical and highly-attractive component of the US economy with limited access to institutional sources of permanent capital.  

Our team is composed of experienced professionals from your industry and the world of finance. We partner with you for your financing needs.

We are an independent portfolio company of HPS Investment Partners, a leading global-alternative investment firm, with over $95 billion of assets under management.

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