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Equity Engineering: Finding Growth, Capturing Wealth - Webinar

Dealer principals and financial executives should watch to understand newer, more modern capital and funding sources that can fund their strategic growth or help them diversify the wealth built through the dealership.

The webinar will touch on ideal returns on equity and assets and the drivers for those.

1. Consolidation and Generational Changes are accelerating and affecting Equity / Net Worth of Owners

  • Producer & OEM consolidation

  • OEM incentives in a highly competitive environment

2. Many Owners would benefit from knowing more about the management of and options for their Balance Sheet

  • Especially in the Cycles - Cash, Credit & Capital, Asset Turns

  • Leveraging Debt & Equity - Real & Perceived Risks vs Opportunities

3. New forms of Equity building, and capital access are available now in addition to:

  • Family Investors - Generational

  • Traditional Private Equity - 3-5 Years

  • Bank Loans

You can watch the webinar below:

The speakers are:

George Russell - He writes a regular dealer business improvement column for Farm Equipment magazine and co-authors the annual ‘Big Dealer’ report for Ag Equipment Intelligence as part of his focus on growing & consolidating dealerships. He is a founding member of Machinery Advisors Consortium.

Jim Henderson - the Founder and Managing Partner of Exemplary Innovations. He is a former co-founder of Keymark, Inc. an Inc. 500 technology solutions business, where he implemented several breakthrough solutions ranging from customer mix optimization, emerging technology packaging, solution pricing and more.

Mike Esposito -FEP's Co-Founder and Managing Partner. He spent 28 years at Goldman Sachs in Investment Banking and was a Partner for 20 years. Owner of four Jersey Mike's restaurants. Graduate of Brown University and Harvard Business School.

This webinar is brought to you by Farm Equipment magazine and Franchise Equity Partners.

Featured in Farm Equipment, Manufacturer and Dealer Issue 2/28/2023

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